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About us

What we do at ConserVmore?

At ConserVmore our insulated conservatory roof panels are specially selected & sourced, German engineered, high density insulated panels this means, that for a lot less money, you could be getting almost the same insulation as you would from a fully tiled roof but you’ll keep the same feel of it still being a conservatory.

Whereas if you have a tiled roof it’s just going to feel like another room. Also unlike a tiled roof its installed in just one day! You need it because if its going to cost you less money you will then have more money to have a really nice really warm Christmas…. in your conservatory! also we specialise in Nice sales practices, having been in sales for many many many years and we know exactly how NOT to sell…

ConserVmore…caring, clean & compassionate. We are not just in it for us.

You can take a look at gallery to have a closer look at the product we use. Find out more about our business and what our customers have to say via our Yell Business profile or our Google My Business profile