Will I lose any light?

Any roof that goes from being translucent to solid is going to experience some light loss, however, your choice of new roofing system can have a massive bearing on the degree of light loss.

There are various factors to consider here, such as how much light comes in via the walls at the moment?  Obviously, the more the better, as this will help to minimise the light loss.  If you have a high wall surrounding the conservatory it might even be worth considering not doing it at all, also if you have the wall AND most of the light for the downstairs comes in through the conservatory you have the recipe for disaster… or a ground floor only batman could love….dark! This is rare, but has been seen in long thin houses…be warned.

If these don’t apply to you though and you are fed up with roasting in summer and freezing in winter and with the rain interrupting your favourite TV shows please read on.

All the conservatory roof conversions have plusses and minuses and we will be covering these in subsequent blogs but in terms of maximum light retention go for a high shine finish such as a specialised plastic or (aluminium – as long depth of insulation is sufficient so as to not create condensation) also, choose a solution that keeps the original shape of the conservatory because…when you lose height you lose light.  If light is a concern for you avoid the tiled roof options as these have an internal matt finish and there is usually a partial lowering of ceiling to accommodate the insulation. 

As long as the options you look at have decent u values you will be fine.  The options available in these finishes are usually panels.  The multi foil option is high shine plastic but because the final finish is essentially lots of plastic “planks” these will inhibit the light slightly due to not being a smooth finish also this option comes with its own efficiency and correct installation warning which will be covered in a future blog post.

So, in short, check how much light can get in around the sides, go for high shine, smooth finish panels and make sure you choose a company that will give them a good buff and polish during install and help you choose the correct option!

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