How Much Does a Conservatory Roof Conversion Cost?

There are many factors involved here, so let us first assume that you have decided on panels instead of the multifoil or tiled roof options. This is because you want to maintain as much light as possible and keep the shape and feel of having a conservatory.  Also, you want it installed in a day and you want a medium-priced solution.

The things that we need to consider are…what age is the conservatory, will it need extra work? Was it installed correctly in the first place?  How is the frame? Is it a lean-to as these can cost more depending on which solution you can have. What kind of insulated panel will you have? In what finish? Will it be coloured? Will you need a rubber layer? What depth can we do for you? Should you even have it done due to structure or light issues?! All these variations before we have even got to the measuring part!

So, hopefully, you can see why we would much rather come and have a cup of tea and a chat than send prices out.  We do not pressure you to buy as you will see from reading our reviews.  This way we feel we can offer you the most thorough, accurate solution that is the right one for YOU.