Insulating Lean-To Conservatory Roofs

Conservatory Roof Insulation Panels

When insulating your lean-to conservatory roof your options are very limited, especially if you have an ultralight 500 system.  This is where the panels link into each other because there is no internal frame.  The ultralight 500 system is also no longer available in polycarbonate.

We offer our new, clever solution

However, we offer our new, clever solution.  Thick, insulated bespoke conservatory panels that slot together with a patented integral drainage system.  These panels have an exceptionally good U value due to the specialist material and also to their thickness.

Sometimes it is possible to add in glazing bars and use traditional conservatory panels but the aforementioned slotted system allows for a thicker depth of insulation. It’s impossible to establish the best solution over the phone. We would need to come out and see which option is best for you, there is no commitment required from you for us to come and do this however most people do buy when we visit due to their levels of confidence in Conservmore, the materials and evidence of previous workmanship. If you have a partner they must also be present during the appointment.

The other options available are:

  • internal multi-foil – this is also called a wrap-around which we do not supply as it is very hard to install correctly and its U-values are harder to predict (ask companies for evidence regarding U- Values ) there is also more chance of leaks with this system. Or
  • A tiled roof but because the degree of the pitch is so low on a lean-to a whole new pitched roof needs to be built. Both of these last two options take much longer than our one which is another reason we don’t offer them. 

We are the only company that supplies and installs these particular panels

Please contact us for more information call us on 01785 550 084 or email us on sally@conservmore.co.uk