U Value Claims…


The lower the U-value is the better.  This is because it stops the transfer of heat through a substance. But beware suppliers with creative claims…

A good company with honest figures will show you the U Value calculations if you ask.

If it’s a panel, is it the same thickness throughout? Did they take that into account? This is important because if they just based the U-Value on the thickest part of the panel it will be an untrue reflection of the u-value calculation.  This is because most thick panels that slide into the existing conservatory frame and need to have a thinner edge to allow them to integrate.

U Values are misunderstood which allows for abuse. They are the main reason you guys are having your conservatory rooves replaced.  So it’s important that you know where you stand with them.

Obviously a tiled roof with insulation being thicker will be a slightly better u-value than any panels. But panels will likely be cheaper and quicker to install.  But both options will be better than the multifoil one that is usually not installed properly anyway but that’s another blog!